Universe Cycle

Facts of Universe Cycle/Oscillating Model

Cyclic Universe Theory

The Universe functions as a cycle. We can first look at how physics equations actually operate to better understand the Universe Cycle. The three factors that go into the equation are there.

Balance- There needs to be balance. Equation should have a balance or equality on both sides.

The difference- There must be opposites between the two sides of the equation. That is why the correct name of equations are called “differential equations”

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Inversion-  The two sides of the equation invert and change sides. When this happens in a repeating fashion then a cycle is created.

Cycle- This part of the equation is never seen when you write a Physics Equation down on a Blackboard.

If you take the Chinese version of Physics that was created independently from the western world on the other side of the Great Wall it is no surprise that an identical system was in place there that was the same thing as the western world’s version.

The Chinese version was symbolized the equation YIN = Yang and was represented by this symbol


The symbol contains the same things-

Balance- The two sides are the same.

Difference- The two sides are opposites from each other, one is White and one is Black.

Cycle- The two sides seem to symbolize motion. The two sides seem to be rotating around each other.

So to make things simple we will go away with symbols and use words. 

Let’s take the equation

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Night = Day which is caused by the earth rotating on its axis. 

Q. Is there Equality? 

Ans. Yes 12 hours of night equals 12 hours of day. 

Q. Is there Difference? 

Ans. Yes night is dark and day is light. Is there

Q. Is there Inversion? 

Ans. Yes night and day are constantly changing places with each other creating a cycle

So a person on Earth sees an endless cycle of Night Day Night Day Night Day Night…

Is this phenomenon seen when you write a physics equation down on a Blackboard. 


Let’s understand Universe cycle with examples

So let’s take a theoretical Human named ‘Joe’. Let’s say that Joe only lives for one hour. Let’s say that Joe lives from 9pm at night to 10pm So since Joe only lives for one hour he sees the

Night = day equation like this Night =  ? 

So since Joe lives such a very short time he only sees darkness. He has no Idea what sunlight looks like or the heat of day.

So let’s take another simplified equation to understand Universe Cycle Winter = Summer this is caused by the earth tilting on its axis as it is rotating around the Sun. So let’s take another theoretical human named “Sam” lets say that Sam only lives for one month. Let’s say that Sam lives during December.

Since Sam lives only during December he sees the Night = Day cycle happen 31 times because December has 31 days. Since Sam only lives during the winter he only sees winter conditions when it is 10 below zero out. Sam never experiences Summer when it is 95 degrees out and all of the people are walking around in t-shirts and shorts. So Sam sees the equation like this Winter =  ?

So let’s take a real life example to understand Universe Cycle based on the equation Life = Death. There are 7 billion people living on Earth today but nobody knows what really happens when you die. Nobody has ever died, say for three months and then came back to life in front of a TV audience and told people what it was like to die, what the whole experience felt like. 

So all of the people on earth are looking at the equation like this Life =  ?  Can you reverse the equation? Death = Life. 

Sure some people have always thought that reincarnation was true and the equation says that it is true.  

Q. Is there equality here?

Ans. Yes of the 7 billion people on Earth today, 7 billion people have died in the past since the beginning of Human existence.

So an observer is limited in seeing the other side of the cycle by their size and position in space.

John Wheeler the famous Cosmologist one said : There is nothing deader than an equation. You write that equation down on a Blackboard and it has no life but the Universe has life!

This shows that the Physics equation is somewhat limited for figuring out the Universe.

So on page two, we will see some examples of this not just within our own Solar System but in the deep reaches of outer space.

Page 2

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