roswell incident ufo crash in New Mexico

Roswell Incident, New Mexico- The UFO Crash


What happened at Roswell- Everything about Roswell UFO incident

roswell Incident nm- ufo crash 1947

Where is Roswell?

Roswell is a city in Chaves County, New Mexico. At the 2010 census it had a population of 48,366 inhabitants and a population density of 624.22 people per km2.

“Roswell” is popularly known for the 1947 Roswell incident. The investigation and recovery of the waste was handled by the Roswell Field Air Force.

Robert H. Goddard, one of the founders of rocketry science in the United States, moved to the city of Roswell in 1930 to enjoy the favorable climate and shortage of people. His workshop and many artifacts from his rocket experiments are kept at the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Roswell is located at coordinates 33-22-24″N 104-31-46″O. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Roswell has a total area of 77.48 km2, of which 77.33 km2 corresponds to the mainland and (0.19%) 0.15 km2 is water.

When was the Roswell incident- the crash?

The city of Roswell is known around the world for the alleged clash of an alien ship in 1947. In fact, the Roswell incident took place closer to the village of Corona, north of Roswell, but the army units sent to investigate were from Roswell Air Force Base. The event gained fame from the 1980s with the publication of several books and the inclusion of the story in an episode of the popular show “Unsolved Mysteries”. Currently, there is a museum dedicated to the event in Roswell and many souvenir shops selling items related to the subject of aliens. The city receives many tourists who come from all over the world to visit the museum

Roswell UFO Festival

Every year during the week of July 4, the Roswell UFO Festival is held, which is one of the most important festivals in the State of New Mexico. This festival just commemorates the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.

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Among the events of these festivities stands out a costume contest, where pets also dress up. Highlights include chariots adorned with extraterrestrial motifs and parades of them through the streets of Roswell. In addition to concerts and fireworks, during these days a symposium takes place in which prestigious ufologists and researchers participate. The first UFO festival was held in July 1995 to attract tourists to the city and to help people learn more about the history of the Roswell UFO incident.

This festival is not held on the same day every year, but the date is variable, although mostly the celebration is maintained at the beginning of July.

roswell Incident nm- ufo crash 1947

Roswell UFO incident

The Roswell UFO incident is the story of the crash of an alleged alien ship in Roswell, New Mexico, United States, on July 7, 1947.

Some ufology specialists and much of the public have taken an interest in Roswell incident. Many books have been written and films about the alleged events, both fiction novels and serious and elaborate reports.

Recently through its official website the FBI revealed, in declassified documents, that one of its agents noted that an anonymous citizen claimed to have found aliens inside flying saucers found on the ground in New Mexico.

Supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis regard the Roswell case as one of the most important geological events, as from this event began the history of modern ufology.

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Skeptics argue that the hypothesis that an extraterrestrial ship fell on Roswell is based on insufficient, unreliable evidence, others supposedly destroyed and has too many inconsistencies. They further argue that there are other explanations for Roswell’s events that are far more admissible than the extraterrestrial ship hypothesis. In addition, commercial profit must be taken into consideration, through the sale of books, interviews, etc.; who get several of the main involved who support the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Also the witness descriptions, analyses carried out by people involved in the design of the mogul project balloons, and especially the declassified reports of the United States Air Force in the 1990s, point to skeptics that the starry in Roswell was flight No. 4 of the Mogul project and that the need to maintain the secrecy of that project led to the alleged ufological incident.

In July 1947, Mac Brazel, a farmer from New Mexico, discovered some remains scattered throughout his ranch near Corona, New Mexico. He reported it to the sheriff on July 5, as described by Mac Brazel to the Roswell Daily Record in its July 9 edition.

This description matches that given by Charles B. Moore, emeritus professor of physics at New York University, who developed the balloons with which the United States intended to spy on the USSR.

The following headlines are in the July 8 newspapers: “Air forces catch a flying saucer on a ranch in the Roswell region.” Commander Jesse Marcel of the Army Air Base in Roswell was told that he personally went to the scene.

On the 9th the headline said, “Ramey denies the flying saucer.” Ramey was a brigadier general at the military base in Fort Worth, Texas, and moved, at Brazel’s request, to see the wreckage, which he immediately identified as a weather balloon. Then the press photographed the remains.

Another article is recounted as W.W. Brazel and his son found the material on June 14, and that it consisted mainly of rubber strips, foil, cardboard and wooden rods, although it is said that the real remains were replaced by the brigade when it took the material to the Fort Worth base.

Subsequent U.S. Air Force reports from September 1994 and June 1997 claimed that the starring in Roswell was the wreckage of a Mogul project flight.

There was also an investigation into the matter due to the request of a New Mexico congressman. It was performed by the secretary of the Air Force and the Department of Defense. It identifies Roswell’s waste as remnants of a low-frequency acoustic detection system carried by the balloons, long-range and highly secret, called “Project Mogul”: an attempt to capture Soviet nuclear explosions at altitudes of the tropopause. Air Force investigators, after meticulously recording the secret files of 1947, found no evidence of an increase in message traffic.

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Until 1978, the Roswell incident received little attention, until investigators Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of a series of interviews each had conducted separately.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, while not a direct witness, has also stated on numerous occasions that Roswell was a real alien-related incident, based on his high-level contacts within the government. “I have seen the secret UFO records, and there is no doubt that there was contact with aliens.” (Clarín Five classics of organized intrigue.) This astronaut also believes that there is a government organization parallel and independent to the government that conducts experiments with extraterrestrial technology and that is why not all these incidents can be brought to light. To this day, the elderly ex-astronaut has provided no evidence to corroborate his claims.

A similar incident involving many Air Force personnel in the UK in 1980, known as the Rendlesham incident, increased interest in Roswell.

For many ufologists, the Roswell case is considered one of the most important ufological events and the onset of cover-ups, while for skeptics it is only the most popular case. The official position of the United States government, since 2005, is that nothing of a paranormal or extraterrestrial nature had occurred. The Air Force’s final report on the Roswell case is available, as is the response to the report by ufologists, who insist that the report is false.

Roswell Incident UFO Crash theories

roswell Incident nm- ufo crash 1947

Many theories developed after the Roswell Incident

Some ufologists have argued that an alien ship crashed near Roswell and that several bodies of extraterrestrial origin were recovered.

It has also been postulated that if Roswell incident

were indeed an extraterrestrial accident, as many insist, some UFO specialists would argue the following:

The U.S. government knows that aliens have visited our planet since at least 1947, but still do not admit it, and even some groups postulate that there would be a conspiracy of extraterrestrial concealment.

The U.S. government is currently in possession of alien technology.

That’s why the government’s reasons for keeping the secret would initially be obvious. Senior government officials would probably fear a general panic when it became known that there was a possible extraterrestrial threat (as happened in 1938 with a radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds).

This hypothesis also shuffled as real the autopsy allegedly performed in 1947 on captured aliens defending that the government wanted to hide data because it was developing new technologies. They also claimed that the aliens were alive before and during the autopsy.

Friedman and Moore’s interview information

An important fact is that this version is based exclusively on the testimony of people, with a long time difference between the date of what happened and the making of the statements (approximately 30 years), that in many cases they were not direct witnesses and that unlike other hypotheses has no research, objective analysis or third sources that demonstrate the truthfulness with which to compare it.

It should be noted that the information given by Marcel friedman and Moore is contradicted by their own statements and with the version of events told by the local press: Friedman and Moore interviewed Lydia Sleppy, who worked at a radio station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1947, and Air Force Major Jesse A. Marcel. , the chief head of the Air Force at Roswell in 1947. Sleepy reported that the FBI would have censored him.

Skeptical hypotheses of Roswell Incident

Here are some explanations proposed by skeptic Karl T. Pflock in his book Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe.

The initial report of the incident was actually a fraud created by an officer who suffered a fit of pride and wanted to create a great story in his own way, which would explain the growing number of UFO sightings. See Kenneth Arnold.

That what crashed in the desert was a balloon with a sophisticated team, and this balloon was a secret project, specifically the Mogul Project.

Several years later, a supply plane crashed near Roswell and the crew bodies were recovered. Pflock suggests that this accident was mixed with later information in the imagination of some witnesses, so it served as the basis for the conspiracies.

The Mogul Project hypothesis

Most of those who reject any ufological explanation believe in the second theory that the remains were those of an observation balloon used in the Mogul Project, a top-secret initiative to examine the nuclear activity of the Soviet Union.

In addition, the location coincides with flight No. 4 of the Mogul project, of which communication was lost on June 5.

As tested, Brazelt’s description of the local newspaper found by the balloon matched that of Moore, designer of the same, and the materials that formed the remains were normal (silver paper, insulating tape, adhesive tapes with floral designs), and that he did not see any kind of metal that served an engine which contradicted the version of the ufologists who say that Brazel claimed to have seen unknown metals.

Successive Air Force reports match Brazel and point nothing strange in the wreckage.

Nor did the Air Force itself attribute it to aliens as demonstrated in a declassified letter sent a year after the accident by Major General C.B. Cabell, then Director of Air Force Intelligence, who asks them to report what data they have, and whether they shuffle the hypothesis that it is a UFO. In a response issued on October 11, 1948, which included explicit information in possession of the Air Material Command, the chief intelligence officer is told that no one in the Air Force has any clues about it.

This makes it unlikely that the previous year fragments of a UFO and its occupants would have arrived at Wright-Patterson. This hypothesis is the most plausible since, shown that there were no alien bodies, and with recent declassified reports pointing to flight 4 as causing the accident, it contrasts with the idea of an alien accident.

Moore also analyzed, at the request of a ufologist, the weather on the day of the launch of Flight No. 4 and successive ones. Calculating the place where some crashed, he also calculated the direction in which the remains (southwest-northeast angle) should have been scattered, which exactly matches what was said by Major Jesse Marcel.

He also identified several remains of what was found as part of the equipment of the balloons belonging to the Mogul project.

Another curious fact that many ufologists misrepresent is that Brazel, in his description, said he saw duct tapes with floral designs, which ufologists have moved as hieroglyphics. But the reality is another: they were really floral motifs, as those duct tapes were manufactured by a New York toy company for the Mogul project balloons

The Air Force gave it as a simple weather balloon trying to hide the project. As usual, the mogul project balloons were not entirely weather-like, and in the summer of 1947 a new polyethylene variant was used that Moore’s words would have been even for a weather balloon expert, which was strange.

Declassified reports

Although many ufologists continue to hypothesize that lead to the Roswell incident implicating beings from another world, recent investigations coincide with a complaint by Japanese prisoners of war, a macabre story that was hidden for years.

Thanks to the publication of secret material on the use of prisoners of war, a new hypothesis was added to explain the event that, if true, would reveal true horrors of the Roswell incident.

The U.S. government had conducted experiments with weather balloons as an instrument to infiltrate enemy lines and attempt to drop atomic bombs from the stratosphere (Project Mogul). These experiments were conducted during the end of World War II, and prisoners of war were used for such experiments.

In the case of the Mogul Project weather balloons, they were Japanese prisoners of war, and the smaller ones were selected so that they could enter the basket specially designed for this purpose.

The Roswell incident would not be the only one on this project, but it was the only one to reach public repercussions due to the number of civilian witnesses. And a crew member’s purported autopsy was called into question by the confession of the perpetrators of that scientific fraud.

The cover-up of the incident was carried out so as not to reveal the horrors of the post-war period by using prisoners of war for such experiments, and at the same time the need to hide a new technology that allowed to circumvent conventional radars (Stealth Technology).

Another hypothesis, a common denominator of that era, is the study to introduce by means of hot air balloons, chemical elements in enemy countries. That theory seduced during world war II along with espionage.

A possible nuclear missile

There is also speculation that the Roswell incident was the result of a misplaced nuclear missile. In a version of this theory, Marcel, an intelligence official, was responsible for the initial press release that “a flying saucer had made a forced landing. Some have proposed that Marcel invented the cover of the UFO accident, rather than admitting that the army had lost a nuclear weapon.

However, the facts do not support this theory. There is no known nuclear accident since this period, even though a few dozen of these types of incidents were declassified. Nor does it make any sense for the military to be completely unaware of losing a nuclear weapon until a farmer warned them. On the other hand, at the time the U.S. did not yet have nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Because of this, many skeptics equally dismiss this theory.

roswell Incident nm- ufo crash 1947

Another kind of concealment

There are also skeptics who have indicated that although the alleged direct evidence on a UFO is not valid in real validity; however, the evidence on the Mogul Project and its relationship to the Roswell incident would also not be very robust. Because of this, some skeptics have indicated that a possible actual concealment of a possible activity or project still unknown can also be hypothesized; but that it would have no proven relationship with aliens.

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