Reasons why Big Bang theory is wrong

Cyclic Model of Universe proves Big bang theory wrong.

Let’s take a theoretical block of the Cosmos that contains 100 billion light-years of space. In the middle of that giant block of the cosmos, we will put Edwin Hubble and his telescope. When Hubble looks in both directions he sees the Universe ‘expanding’

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Then in 1931 Einstein goes to visit Hubble and after learning about the expanding universe, Einstein goes back to the Blackboard and tries to change his equation from a Constant cosmos state to an expanding universe. 

Back in 1931 Black Holes were still considered to be pure Science fiction. Many Astronomers doubted if they even exist. We now know that Black Holes are compacting huge amounts of matter down into these Black Holes. So what Hubble was actually looking at was an “Illusion“.

If you take this same theoretical gigantic block of the Cosmos and fill it with Millions of Black Holes then the Universe is now both expanding and contracting at the same time in equal amounts.

This also means that the Big Bang Theory is WRONG. People, that believe in the Big Bang Theory are looking at the Universe like this Expanding Universe = ?  Just like the people from the examples from page one which talks about the cyclic model of the Universe. Where is the equality that is supposed to be there?  Where is the Cycle? How could the Universe have started out from a small particle so potent that it exploded and then expanded into the Universe of today and will go on expanding for infinity?

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The whirling mass is being pulled down into the Black Hole and what is happening at the event horizon in the Black Hole is that matter from the whirling disk is being annihilated and high energy particles Gamma Rays and X Rays in the form of the quasar are being captured by the gravitational fields of the galaxy that are shooting out and are being returned to the whirling disk where they will eventually be pulled down into the Black Hole and the cycle at that time will be completed.

Fission is at work at the event horizon and Fusion is at work as the particles are solidifying and joining the matter in the form of the whirling disk. So Fission = Fusion the same thing that happens during an atom bomb test are at work here in an ever ending cycle. 

Now if we write the equation backwards ‘Fusion = Fission‘ is also taking place at the same time during the cycle. So once again if you take the theoretical gigantic block of the universe seen above and that block of space contains billions of galaxies that are both expanding and contracting at the same time then how can our universe be just expanding?

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Very little is actually known about a Quasar. Energy is turned into the matter we know that for a fact, what seems to be happening here is that matter is being recycled.

We know that when Matter and Anti-matter collide then energy is produced. So the Quasar which has a very bright light has to be energy similar to the bright flash of an atomic bomb blast and this has to be happening at the Black Hole.

The illustration is an example of what happens during an atomic bomb blast. The equation is E = MC2 

The equation is actually happening in reverse like this MC2= E. The mass of the bomb in the form of Uranium is being compacted with a plunger to 10,000 times its original mass which creates the same effect as a Black Hole. Then during the blast, the Uranium is turned into energy.

The bright light from the energy is similar to that of a high energy Quasar. 

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Then the Mushroom cloud is turned back into matter and the gravitational pull of the earth pulls the material back to earth which is called fallout which covers an area of about say ten miles. Is there equality here? Yes, all of the Uranium from the bomb is now spread out over a large area in the form of tiny Uranium particles that are giving off X Rays that can be detected by a Geiger counter. 

So the Cycle here is the mass of the Bomb is turned into energy and then back into mass once again that is giving off energy in the form of X Rays

Thus, we have Mass = Energy = Mass = Energy

The way that Physics evolved is that first before Einstein the Conservation of mass and energy stated that both mass and energy just changed form nothing was lost and nothing was gained. Einstein joined the two together with his famous equation E = mc2  and was saying that mass and energy were the same things. That they just changed places. 

My approach towards Cyclic Model theory

I am going one step further. I am taking mass and energy and putting them on one side of the equation E M and putting G or gravity on the other side of the equation like this E M = G

This happens in an ever ending cycle. ENERGY becomes MATTER and then that MATTER is drawn into a GRAVITATIONAL area which turns out ENERGY which then becomes MATTER once again which is then drawn into a GRAVITATIONAL area which in turn becomes ENERGY once again which in turn becomes MATTER. So Gravity which has never been understood by anybody now becomes integrated into the whole.

The tiny massive amount of gravity of Blackhole is equal to the gigantic amount of mass and energy swirling around it. So the simplified equation G = M E  means that Gravity equals the mass and energy in proportional amounts.

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So the two factors Equal each other. Now that gravity has been worked into the equation. Mass and energy are ‘Opposites”  of gravity. They also invert with each other which causes a cycle.

The spiral galaxy shown at right which was taken by a telescope shows two Quasars shooting out from both sides of the Black Hole. This seems to show that the idea of ‘wormholes’ going from the Black Hole to another Universe cannot possibly be true.

Cyclic Model big bang theory wrong

These Quasars coming out from both sides of the Black Hole shows just how tiny the Black Hole is compared to the massive amounts of mass and energy surrounding it. Recent studies showing that gravity waves predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity simply don’t exist. Which also seem to show that the big bang theory is wrong.

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